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Culinary Secrets


In every household, kitchen is a place where food is prepared, so certain sanitary standards have to be observed, and specific kitchen furniture and utensils need to be used.

Every person engaged in the cooking process needs to know some of the rules and secrets of cooking. Only knowing the secrets and important details of combining products properly will help cook delicious meals. It is important to make the meals tasty, regardless of the products used for their preparation.

There are scores of rules for storing products. Women should know how to properly store products to keep them from perishing (vegetables, spices, flour, grains, etc.). Products with a strong odor must be stored in well-closed containers to avoid spoiling other products.

Exact proportions of the products used for cooking greatly affect the dishes’ quality, so special attention should be paid to measuring products carefully. Women need to know how products agree with each other when combined together, the order of adding products to soups, cooking time for each product. If products undergo long cooking process, they may lose their flavor, so they need to be complemented with the spices to enhance the flavor. Women should keep in mind some tips on cooking different foods (meat, vegetables, dairy products, etc.), and know the health benefits of food products that are part of the daily diet.

Women know many culinary secrets, but some of them are forgotten, so new information can be very helpful for preparing tasty and healthy food.

Today television pays a lot of attention to cooking, and many culinary books have been published. However, there are still some undiscovered secrets that we expect to learn about from you at support@moldovenii.md.

Settlements of Moldova
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Măgura Nouă este un sat din cadrul comunei Pietrosu, raionul Făleşti. Localitatea se află la distanța de 23 km de orașul Fălești și la 111 km de Chișinău. Conform datelor recensămîntului din anul 2004, populaţia satului constituia 140 de oameni. Satul Măgura Nouă a fost înființat în anul 1924.

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