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Music and Dance

Welcome to Music, songs and dances of Moldova page!

Here you can find a lot of interesting and useful information about the music of Moldova, listen to your favorite tunes, learn something new about your favorite artist, plunge into the atmosphere of the true Moldavian melodious and poetic culture.

This site is created, in part, to provide a comfortable way of listening to the great music archive of Moldova in a convenient format.

You can acquaint yourself with the work of the talented Moldovan musicians, as well as of artists of other nationalities living in Moldova; learn about their awards and honors; listen to music, made even by those who have been living outside of their country. We should be together despite the distance, shouldn’t we?

We offer a unique selection of photos and videos, as well as contact information for those who are just taking the path of art and creativity: we have collected the basic information about all of the specialized music schools of the country on these pages. For those who wish to become familiar with music there is a large collection of textbooks and music scores that will guide you through the world of music.

We have everything for lovers of Moldavian music: lyrics, music, and even records that can be used for karaoke.

This portal has a forum, where there is an opportunity not only to discuss new music and share experiences, but also to get detailed answers to your questions by qualified specialists. It should be noted that anyone, even a novice musician or poet, has an opportunity to publish his creations on our website, by posting them on the forum. This may be an audio or a video recording, sheet music or texts.

Here you can find information about music events in the country: various contests, festivals and other events, which are held in Moldova.

We hope this page will help the visitors to get acquainted with the originality and versatility of the Moldavian musical culture, as well as unite people who are not indifferent to this culture.

We would like to say to all the Moldavians (meaning all the Moldavian citizens) living in Moldova and abroad, that we are happy to post your work on the website so that the people could get familiar with it and to replenish the national archives.

All the material presented on this website is intended for guidance and private listening only. It is copyrighted and is not intended for further distribution.

Settlements of Moldova
Prima atestare:
565 locuitori

Natalievca este un sat şi comună din raionul Făleşti. Din componenţa comunei fac parte localităţile Ivanovca, Comarovca, Natalievca, Popovca, Ţapoc. Localitatea se află la distanța de 27 km de orașul Fălești și la 137 km de Chișinău. La recensămîntul din anul 2004, populaţia satului constituia 565 de oameni. Satul Natalievca a fost menționat documentar în anul 1803.

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